Vow Renewal

A Hawaii Vow Renewal Ceremony is a beautiful way to reaffirm your love and commitment to one another and celebrate your life together. Many couples feel that it makes their time in Hawaii even more special and meaningful!

If you would like to surprise your wife, husband or parents with a Hawaii Vow Renewal on the beach, I would love to help you coordinate that!

It is also fun to include the kids – young or adult kids! The children of the couple can be included in the lei exchange and the pouring of the sand ceremony. Parents of young kids may want to purchase a Hawaii gift like a necklace or bracelet to give their kids during the

I am happy to customize your ceremony to make your experience perfect for you!

Hawaii Vow Renewal


  • Blowing of the Conch Shell
  • {Song from Musician if booked*}
  • Welcome
  • Exchange of Leis {husband & wife, or guests may be included}
  • Read “Marriage is a Commitment” by Edmund O’Neill
  • Blending of the Sands into your keepsake glass vase, sand is provided
  • {Song from Musician*}
  • Read “Blessing for a Marriage” by James Dillet Freeman
  • Personal Words/Vows (optional). If you would like to say something to each other, it may be written down and read from a small card, memorized, or spoken from the heart in that moment
  • Hawaiian ring blessing (may be done on hands, or take rings off)
  • Exchanging of the Rings (optional), repeat after me
  • Exchanging of the Vows, repeat after me.
  • {Song from Musician*}
  • Closing…

You May Kiss!

Wedding Ceremony at the beach
*Book a musician and
right there on the beach!
Wedding Ceremony at the beach