Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Karen Yarborough as our wedding officiant?

With Karen as your wedding performer, you are in good hands! She will smoothly guide you through your ceremony with care and ease. During the ceremony, she maintains an awareness of you as a couple, as well as sensing the energy of your guests. She has decades of public speaking experience in intimate settings, as well as to crowds of hundreds. Karen is one of the few beach wedding officiants that your guests will be able to hear over the ocean waves! She brings the spirit of Aloha to every ceremony, treating yours as a unique experience, new to you, and all for YOU!

How do I book your services?

Fill out the short inquiry form on this website, or call or text 808-443-8172 and I will respond as quickly as possible after checking our availability. We can have a brief phone call to discuss details.

Simply let me know you would like to reserve your date and time on our calendar, and I will send you a confirmation email with marriage license info and other recommendations. No deposit necessary within the year. Please keep me informed if your plans change. If your ceremony date is next year or more than 1 year out, I ask for a $100 non-refundable deposit to reserve your date. Payment is due on the day of your ceremony. Cash is preferred, or I can do Venmo, Zelle, CashApp or PayPal.

What can I expect when we meet at the beach for my ceremony?

My Basic Ceremony Package is typically a half hour.

The Photography Package is typically one hour and with Videography we’ll add 10 minutes. The couple and all guests should arrive at the same time.

For elopements and intimate weddings, I will meet you (and guests) in the parking lot of your chosen beach at the designated time and walk to the beach to pick the best spot. It just takes me a few minutes to set up, and then we will begin.

For larger groups I will usually already be set up in the best spot on the beach, and then return to meet you in the parking lot.

If the bride does not want to be seen by the groom until she enters for the ceremony, I can easily coordinate that once we are all in the parking lot. The photographer will get the groom and any guests down to the beach spot first, and then I will escort the bride nearer to the beach location.

The ceremony itself is about 15-20 minutes, or about 20-25 minutes if you booked a musician. After the ceremony, you will have the remainder of the hour for more photos on the beach. The photographer will focus on capturing your ceremony and couples session, but he can also get some group/family shots right after the ceremony if you like.

What beaches do you recommend for my ceremony?
    HILO (East) side:

  • Punalu’u Black Sand Beach, 6:30am-10am, no travel fee
  • Lapahoehoe Beach Park, 1pm-4pm, $150 travel fee
    Other outdoor locations in Hilo:

  • Coconut Island on Hilo Bay
  • Liliuokalani Park and Japanese Garden
    KONA (West) side:

  • Pebbles Beach, no travel fee
  • Old Kona Airport Beach, no travel fee
  • Wawaloli Beach, no travel fee
  • Kukio Beach, no travel fee
  • Waikoloa Beach (A-bay), $50 travel fee
  • Beach 69, $50 travel fee
  • Holoholokai Beach, $50 travel fee
  • Mauna Kea Beach, $50 travel fee
How many guests can I have for my ceremony on the beach?
Most of the public beaches listed above allow up to 30 people, including officiant, photographer and other vendors.

Kukio Beach allows 25.

You can have as many guests as you like at Old Kona Airport Beach.

What do we do if it rains or the weather is bad?
We will either wait 5-10 minutes to see if it passes, break out the umbrellas, find a tree or shelter, power through, or if it’s really crazy, do our best to reschedule.

Our cameras are water resistant so the cameras can keep shooting, but there may be rain in the shots or raindrops on the lens.

Don’t worry about this too much, it’s very rare to have ceremonies rained out or rescheduled, and we usually have some idea about the weather before the ceremony time if we need to change locations.

I booked the Photography Package, how and when do we receive the photos?

When your photos are ready, we will email you a link to a beautiful, private online collection that you can forward and share to family & friends, who will be able to pick and choose what they want to download with the download PIN provided. You can download all delivered photos to save and print however you like. *(Please download and back up all photos in multiple locations within 30 days, as we may not be able to store them for more than 30 days).

Photos are typically delivered within 2 weeks of the ceremony date, or as quickly as possible. If you need the photos quicker, we can expedite the process for $50. Please be sure to let me know the date you need them as soon as possible.

Are my photos edited and how many do I receive?
We lightly edit your photos, which means we pick out at least 80-100 of the best shots captured and enhance the light and color as needed to provide natural, beautiful photos that capture the experience of your ceremony and time on the beach. We do not do highly stylized editing, and we do not edit to make anyone look “thinner” or “younger.”

If you need something photoshopped out of your photos, please let me know. There may be an additional charge depending on the time involved. We do not deliver RAW photos, and we do not do “sneak peek” photos, sending any before the whole collection is ready, as our schedule is usually very full and it throws us off our workflow. So if you want some quick iPhone shots to have texted to you the evening of your ceremony, or a few taken with your phone or camera, please let us know.

I added Videography to our package, how and when do we receive the video?

When your video is ready, I will email you a link to your private video. Only those with the link or password can view or download it. *(Please download and back up your video in multiple locations within 30 days, as we may not be able to store it for more than 30 days).

We typically deliver your edited Hawaii ceremony video within about 3-4 weeks of your ceremony date, or just as soon as possible. The final product is a beautiful video that you will enjoy sharing with family & friends, with an opening of pre-recorded Hawaii aerial shots, music and your names in the title, the complete ceremony from at least 2 camera angles, and a short montage ending with music.

If you would like a special song in your video, please let me know, it’s only $30 to add your favorite meaningful song.

You will be so happy to have this video to look back on, share with the kids, family & friends and enjoy on anniversaries and special times.

Do we meet for a ceremony rehearsal before the actual date?
For my intimate beach weddings, and smaller venue weddings, there is usually no need to take the time to meet up before. I will easily guide you through the ceremony on the day of. You are in good hands!

If you will have a processional, please email me a list or let’s have a phone call about how you would like it to go. I am also happy to have special elements in your ceremony, such as surprise songs, guest readings, prayer, sharing gifts, whatever you would like to make your ceremony even more meaningful for you.

If you feel a rehearsal is necessary, I will need to schedule it when I am in the area and the charge is $200. I drive all over the island for ceremonies every week, so please let me know as soon as possible.